English Literacy round 4

How to be happy when you angry or mad at someone!


  • I feel don’t really good when people don’t listen to me, people who like to use strong strength on me like hitting or fighting, people who like to gossip about me and many more. These types of people always make me angry, you know what did I do? I always have a fight with them most of the time. I sometimes use swear words, sometimes throwing stuff at them, I’m sure you know that I’ll get consequences. What about you? How do you feel if you walk around and someone punches you with strong strength, and you didn’t even do anything to them? I’m sure you’ll be angry or mad at them, And what should you do to escape from that situation? For me personally, after I get more advice about how to control myself with Mak Mary and RE, I’ve become better than before.

So if you want some advice check it out!

  • If you are really angry and mad at someone you might need to stay away from that person. Base on Wikihow there are 9 ways to calm yourself down, and I followed the incredible advice from this website too.
  1. Go for a walk– Getaways from that situation that makes you angry or mad. Getting outside and focus on nature is also helpful. Take a walk will help you throw out some of your negative thought from your mind of the people that make you angry, And you can say “I’m going to go for a walk”.
  2. Control yourself first impulse– You can control yourself for impulse is that you should ask yourself what do you want to do that is productive too. Take time to think about that you act and think about what could make yourself calm down.
  3. Dance– Dancing is really helpful while you are angry at someone. It helps you to forget what those people did to you. Just pick a tune for yourself to dance, like hip hop, contemporary dance something like that.
  4. Do a deep breathing exercise– You also can release your anger or madness by sitting straight upright in a chair. Take a deep breath, while you are breathing in then count to 6 and slowly breath out continue counting to 10.   
  5. Count backward from fifty– You can count out loud or whispering the numbers for yourself to calm yourself down. You need to focus on the numbers that you count not focus on the bad that cause you to be angry.  
  6. Meditate– Meditate is really helpful too. It helps you calm yourself down your temper will go low, it helps to remove the situation that happened to you from your brain.
  7. Visualize a peaceful scene– You can close your eyes and imagine your favorite place that you want to go, examples like a beach, mountain or waterfall. It also can be a scene that you’ve got a dream of. So just pick one of your favorite scenes and enjoy it in your mind it will remove the anger.
  8. Listen to some relaxing music– You can listen to your favorite song that would be a very good way to do that. Pick your favorite song or the song that impulse you, or help to make your mood better.
  9. Turn on your positive thoughts– You can reduce your anger by trying to think of something positive. If you know that person that makes your angry you better think of a good moment that they did to you. You need to think something positive at least three things.
  • Why you should follow all of this advice? Because as you know, when you are angry or mad you couldn’t control yourself. Some people might destroy something valuable especially furniture, they could fight other people and not only fight they also could kill people too. That is why you need to control your anger, and besides letting your anger destroy other people.  


Humans of Cambodia

For this round, my precious Exploration is Humans of Cambodia(HOC). Our goal is to collect the stories of people who live in Cambodia, and it’s inspired by Human of New York. We collect their story because we want to share their experiences or their incredible life in the world, to let the world know how happy or sad their life is, also to not judge people by their look because you never who they are.  


This performance is the story that we collect and we made it into dance.

And If you want to know more about us you can check out our website Humans of Cambodia.

Hope you enjoy this performance!

Challenge: Can you guess what was the performance is about?

Please comment on your answer!

Math round 4

Math is my favorite class!  

So for this round focus a lot on percentages. We learn a lot how to convert numbers into the percentage, convert percentages into numbers or fraction. Beside percentages, we also focus a lot on Angles


What can percentages help?

Percentages can help your everyday life, why? Did you ever go to the supermarket or mobiles shop or stores? If yes, you might see this the billboard that said “Discount 50%” and I’m sure that you will go to that shop or store :). Percentages help you to calculate big numbers into the smaller number, like $10000 we can make it as a percentage into 100%, see it easy!


What is Angle? Why it related to the Triangle?

Angles help us every day such as engineering, architecture, furniture, and infrastructure.

Angle is when the two lines meet each other it will create the Angle and the point that they met each other it called “Vertex”, there are 5 types of angles such as Acute angle, Obtuse angle, Right Angle, Straight Angle, and Reflexive Angle. When three angles put together it’ll create a triangle. There are 4 types of Triangle such as Right Triangle, Equilateral Triangle, Isosceles Triangle, and Scalene Triangle.

STEM round 4

Hi beautiful people!

Time past so fast and this is round 4 of STEM! This round I learned about Acid and Base, and I also learn about motion and force.


What is Acid and what is Base?

Acid and base are really important for our life, they function the balance of pH level in our body, pH is used in our blood, and also our stomach has 3.5 or below that, it could break down all the food. Acid is sour and the Base is bitter, example like lemon is the acid and the medicine is the base.

If the Acid and Base are unbalanced it will cause problems to your brain like depression, moodiness, memory loss, hallucinations, anxiety, and restlessness. That why Acid and Base is really important for our daily life.


What is motion?

Motion is the change of position, or the action that related to the physical is motion, an example you are running that also count as motion because you are moving from one position to another position. So how can you detect the motion? You can detect the motion by Frame of Reference and it is something that makes you see the objects are moving, an example you are standing on the top of the Burj Khalifa you will the little cars are moving you can see they are moving because of the other building is staying still that why you can see the cars are moving, and that is the Fram of Reference.

For speed, we used it to measure the motion, to measure the object fast or slow of the moves of the objects. You can find the speed by taking distance divided by time. For Velocity it doesn’t have only the speed it also has direction.


What is Force?

What is Force? Force is the strength or something that make the stationary to move not just stay in one play or stay still in one place (Force also include friction and gravity), and force could make the objects change the speed and direction. So how can you define the Force? You can define the force as the push or the pull of the objects. Force is the Vector because Force has both size and direction so it is Vector, example the strong push of the swing and the weak push of the swing is the size of the strength Force.

Image link

Technology/ Multimedia round 4

So for this round, we still learning about Python.

We learned about Python Function, Python List and Python Dictionary.

For Python Function, we learned about Defining Function and Calling Function. For Python List, we learned about Accessing items, Change items value, Loop through a list, Check if an item exists, List length, Add items-append, Add item-insert and remove the item. Last but not least, for Python Dictionary we also learned about Change item value, Loop through a dictionary – print key names, Loop through a dictionary – print value name, Loop through a dictionary – print keys and value, Accessing items, Check if an item exists, Dictionary length, Add item, Remove item – pop and Remove item – delete.

We did rock paper scissors art, team chooser (Python list), code club independent project and all of them I did in trinket.

This is the screenshot of my code for team chooser code.

This is the screenshot of my code for code club independent project. 

English Literacy round 3

Well, this round we were reading a lot!

Reading Novel!

I was reading a book called Wonder as a little team, and my members are Votey and Reach.

Wonder is a book that written on base on the true story, it is about a boy that was born with a type of genes that make his appearance different from other. He got a lot of bullying and discriminate by people around him, but his family and his best friends encourage him to be strong with his life. This book is really inspired me to be polite, friendly, to not look down at others.

After finished the book our team did a group discussion about the book, and we also have a sheet that has Summarizer, Visualizer, Inferencer, Symbolizer and Word Detective, which we need to take a turn and do the work in the sheet one by one and different from each other.

After the group discussion, we also have a presentation that talks about the book that my team has read to the class. My team chooses to be the actor in the story and talk about actor perspective, and we also dress up like the actor too.

Technology/ Multimedia round 3

Technology/ Multimedia

For this round we are learning a lot on coding, and we are focusing on Python. We learn about For Loop, While loop, Break statement, Continue statement, If statement, Elif statement, Else statement and more in Python.


For Loop

For v in “Vannareach”:

     print “Letter”: , v

While Loop

i = 0

while i < 10:

     print (i)

     i += 1

Break statement

g = 1

     while g < 15:

     print (g)

          if g == 10:


     g += 1


Math round 3

For this round we focus a lot on decimal, adding decimal, subtracting decimal, multiplying  decimal and dividing decimal. Express fraction into decimal and rounded decimal number.


973.526 + 74.374 = ?

64.342 – 43.23 = ?

5.4 × 0.3 = ?

34.5 ÷ 5 = ?

Express 5/7 as a decimal

Round 22.543 into nearest hundredths.

We also have a test that contain the math above too.

STEM round 3

For this round we have learn a lot about Carbon,

Carbon is the element that have 6 atomic number, it is in non metal group. It is really surprised me that most of the things contained carbon in it like diamonds, graphite and more.

Carbon Cycle

Carbon cycle is the cycle of the carbon are moving and the producing of Carbon , like CO2 produce photosynthesis, photosynthesis will help plant produce fruit and animal will eat fruit and animal dead, when animals dead the decomposers with take down the animals and it will be animal respiration and it will produce CO2 like the poster below.

Link Image