English Literacy round 2

In this round I’ve learned a lot about writing of argumenting. My facilitator want me to create a document name Argument Essay Ideas and in that document I have the work about my argument. The argument have the thesis statement, the concession, main argument, 3 reasons, 3 body paragraph, the sources ect.

This is my argument  

Concession :Parents they want their children to stop from learning because they want their children to go and work for the money, it because of their wealth, also it because of the pol pot, but

Main Argument: It is parents’ duty to allow their children to go to school!



Reason 1: Because the education is really helpful for them when they grow up, so it is easy for them to work in the companies rather than work outside that need a lot of effort.

All of the people in each country need to study because most of the thing on the world need education, And also all of the careers need the education. The the education is really helpful for all of the youth in Cambodia. If all of the young children got educated in Cambodia it will be better for them to find work, and their livelihood will be better no more poor family and no more homeless people in Cambodia. So all of the the adults should allow their kids to go to school and study to get the education.


Reason 2: Because the people that didn’t get educated they could taken advantages by the people outside.

Most of the people in Cambodia that didn’t get educated they got taken advantages by the people that they never easily, the people that didn’t get educated they didn’t they didn’t learn about the taken avantages so the people that want to take the advantage from the people and the community will be bad. Example for the boss take the advantage from the work by forcing them to do something and the workers just do what their boss want them to do without knowing what gonna happen, and if the boss doing something bad their will be some problems for the worker too. Also if the boss want them to do the work and they only get the salary less than what they did for the boss. So the youth should study so they will know what is the taken advantage is and it also help them to escape.


Reason 3: Because if they get educated our country would be better because the next generation could help the country by using their education.

All of the country in the world get developed because of the people that get educated work to make the country better. The more educated citizens is the more development country is and according to a website called gbrauner ( Article name “ How Does Education Help a Country Develop?” Posted on 6/ 2/ 2015 )  said that the education help the development of the country because the people that got educated they will get the work and when they get the work the economic will be growth bigger, and the way economic growth bigger the ways development is. For Cambodia is the education system is not really good and some of the parents didn’t allow their kids to come to school because they thought that their kids are wasting the time so they want their kids to go and work for the money. So  education is really helpful for Cambodia to develop more, and according to a  website called  Human and Hope Association ( The website name “ Human and Hope Association” the article name “ Changes in the Cambodia education system” this website posted on October, 12, 2014 )   is saying that “Education is the main factor to develop the country. If the education system is good the country will be develop faster but if it is bad the country will be decline”. In fact, this quotation is telling us that the education is really important to develop Cambodia.

ថ្នាក់អក្សរសាស្រ្តខ្មែរ ជំុទី ២

ថា្នក់អក្សរសាស្រ្តខ្មែរជុំទី២នេះ ខ្ញុំបានសិក្សានិង អានរឿង កុលាបប៉ៃលិន ដែលជាសៀវភៅខ្មែរ។ មិត្តភក្តិដែលនៅក្នុងថ្នាក់ទាំងអស់គ្នាត្រូវបានលោកគ្រូឱ្យជ្រើសរើស ធ្វើជាតួនៅក្នងរឿង ឯអ្នកខ្លះដែលមិនបានធ្វើជាអ្នកអានរឿង។ សម្រាប់ខ្ញុំគឺជាតួរម្នាក់នៅក្នុងរឿងនេះ ខ្ញុំគឺជាលោកហ្លួងរតនៈសម្បត្តិ ដែលត្រូវជាឪពុករបស់ឃុននារី។ ក្រៅពីអានរឿង កុលាបប៉ៃលិន ខ្ញុំក៏បានសិក្សាអំពីសញ្ញា វណ្ណយុត្តិ។ សញ្ញាវណ្ណយុត្តិ គឺជាសញ្ញាដែលយើងប្រើសម្រាប់ បន្ថែមនៅលើតួអស្សរ ដើម្បីកាត់សូរសាប់ពាក្យឱ្យខ្លីជាងមុន។ នៅថ្នាក់នេះខ្ញុំបានពីប្រឡងពីរ ទីមួយគឺប្រឡងអានរឿង ហើយខ្ញុំបានជ្រើរើសសៀវមួយក្បាលដែលមានឈ្មេាះថា សុវណ្ណសាម ចំណែកការប្រឡងលើកទីពីរ គឺខ្ញុំបានប្រឡងអំពី ភាសាខ្មែរ ហើយការប្រឡងនេះទាក់ទងនិង ពិធីបុណ្យអ៊ំទូកអកអំបុកសំពះព្រះខែ និង បណ្តែតប្រទីប បុណ្យកឋិនទាន និងពាក្យ អត្តហិ អត្តនោ នាថោ

Outdoor Leadership round 1

This exploration is about how to be a leader when we are in the wood or the place that we never know before, how to exploring new thing in the wood without using some stuff that we used,

This my week reflection for this exploration

Week 1 Reflection

On Monday, the first day of Outdoor Leadership Exploration. Our teachers divided us into groups and ask us what is NATURE? We discuss with our groups and to let us know more what is nature. Teachers told us to make a poster or poem or song what is nature mean to us?

On tuesday I wrote a song that teachers ask us what is nature mean to us?, and I sang the songs to class. And Teachers divided us into groups and share the experience with nature that we ever met.  

On Wednesday we did a Nature Walk Observation, we learn how the nature look like, we observed the animals, weather, sound and plants.

On Thursday we have a debate that asked Is Liger campus Wilderness? We have two team one team agree and another team disagree. We discuss with team and start to debate. We collaborate with each other to make the debate go well. And after we finish the debate, We made a poster that include our hands print the name of the poster is  Outdoor Leadership Promise we make this poster to promise with each other that we will help each other when we go on trip.

On Friday we have an activity call Rope and trees scenario, in this activity we have to collaborate with the team to cross the rope that tige of shoulder high, we have to cross it with all of the members, it is a really hard challenge because we can’t low the rope down and we have to pass our member one by one.

Week 3 Reflection

This week is kind of a boring week because all of the exploration were going on trip, and our exploration is the only one that was in school. This week we learn a lot about teamwork because the facilitator most of the time he divided us into the groups to work with each other.

On Monday we were writing on the trip reflection, we wrote how does it feel to live in the wood, how hard it is, how amazing it is, how it make me felt calm. We were putting the supplies that we took for the trip back.

On Tuesday We learned about the Risks Management, Risks Management have renewable of Identify risk, Review controls, Controls risk, Assess risk and than it keep rotating with Identify and keep rotating forward.  The picture is from Vectorstock

Also we have some activities that related to what we learn, like making the trail and what will happen on that trail, and tell them to prepare for the things that could happen on that trail.

On Wednesday we were divided into some groups by our facilitator, why we divided into groups because on this day we need to work in team to fill out what might happen when we are trekking, so we thought what will happen when we are at the wood, we also find some solution to solve those problems or emergencies.

On Thursday we were finishing the work from Wednesday that we need to fill out and gathering everyone and share what are the problem that we found and what are the solution to help or solve that problem.

On Friday our facilitator asking us to plan where should we go on the last trip. We all some preparing what the foods should we bring and some preparing where should we go trekking and sleeping, some researching for the weather and some were writing the mail to Jame which is a professional trekking guy and he said that he will join our trip to Mundolkiri but he didn’t.

Week 4 Reflection

On Monday we also preparing the equipment that we need to go on trip and put all of those stuff on the list such as tents, headlamps, grass mates, blanket, cookware and more stuff. We did checking out those stuff and tell the chef what we need on trip for the foods.

On Tuesday Kieran back from sick and this day is the day that we will learn about the first aid. We did learned about the CPR chest compression, Checking Pulse and checking the breathing with the heart beat. We tried with our friends to do CPR chest compression, Checking Pulse and Checking the breathing with the heart beat, and teacher said don’t be shy if you have have the different gender no matter you have to save that person life.

On  Wednesday we were learning more about first aid, how to help people when they are in emergency situation. We also learned about ( Stop and look around the scene ) it is the questions that we should ask when the people in emergency situation like Am I OK? Is everybody OK? Are you OK? And What happen?.

On Thursday we is the week that we finished about first aid, we were practicing what we learn from first aid and it is really hard for me because I don’t really understand about some new words so it hard for me to understand, Everybody did it very well, We predict that someone is got emergency and we need to help them by using what we learn from the first aid.

Trip Kirirom Reflection

My exploration trip was going there, it is a really cool place because it is on a mountain and that place have many place that we can visit such as Lake, Viewpoint, Waterfalls and forest.

We went to a waterfall call 1 Waterfall and it is about 2.5 kg to get there. This waterfall is really cold, before this place look like to rain but then the weather changed really fast from rain to sun, and the sunshine is really good with the water that flowing. The sound of the wind and water mix together is like a song never end. The trees are very tall, and all the branches are covering but the sunshine still come through. All the old rocks are wet and have the mars on it. The water is really cold like the ice, and the bobble soap of the water look like the snow. There are so many huts that stay in both sides of the waterfall. If we stand and look at the water it clearly that we can see the rocks at at the bottom of the water. All the air is really fresh. The bottom of the old rock have a lot of mars and it could make the people fall down easily if they won’t careful. People are playing in the freshwater and they look really happy. But some people were laying on the hammocks. And the gibbons are swinging on the branches at the top of the big trees.

After that we were going back to down and keep going to a lake and we set up our tents there, it is a really good time for me to relax in the wood like this. After we finish set up the tents, we make the fire to cook our food and make the fire for campfire. For the campfire we all were eating marshmallow and sitting around the campfire, dancing, singing and communicating. After that we were sitting still and communicate about the Rose, Bud and Thorn about this trip. And we keep going until 9:30 pm.

In the morning there a sound of the bell, and I wonder what is that sound while I’m sleeping in the tent, I was really scared of that sound bell and I decided to sit up and look at that, it really shocked me because it were some buffaloes and walking around our tents.

We start take down our tent and ready to go to another waterfall. We have been to another waterfall but I don’t know what is the name of it. We were walking through the wood to find the water and it is really really cool that we saw a big black squirrel on the top of the tree. This waterfall is really cool it look more beautiful than 1 waterfall, because this waterfall look more cleaner than 1 waterfall and it look like most of the people never been there. After that we come back to our school.

Mondulkiri Trip!

This is the last trip of Outdoor Leadership exploration, I really love this trip because I’ve never been this province before so it is my new chance that I got to see the new thing.

We went there on Tuesday November 2018, it is really long way and there are some traffic so we took nearly 10 hours to get there. When we arrived RDI I got of the bus and the weather made me really cold mixing with the big hill and the green plants on those hill and those stuff made me really happy, and everybody were start setting up their tents and cooking before the night get dark. ( Forgot to mention there were some challenges for us to try from out facilitator )  

Lang Trook Waterfall

In the first morning we were preparing and cooking rice for our adventure to go to Lang Trook waterfall which far from where we stay so we need to buy the foods and and bring them to cook at the waterfall. When we arrived the guide house we were picking up our stuff that we need to take to the waterfall. We walked about 4 kilometer to get there, when we arrive  the beauty of this waterfall did attract my view, it is really beautiful and there no trash around that area. There was a hut that is guide place for us to stay there and it look like the in my dream the place that I love is the hut near the clear waterfall without any trash. The guide help us to cook with the foods but we don’t have anything to cook and the guide help us cook by using all of the environments around us, he used bamboo to cook the fish and pork and he also made the soup for us it call Som Lor Bok and he cook without using pot but he also used the bamboo too, this is really cool ideas and I never know that before so it my new experience to cook in the forest.




Orang Waterfall

This is a big trekking place for this trip we walked about 12 Km for this trekking. We choose the water partner because the trekking is too far so we need a lot of water and my partner is Lyhour. For me when I see this place I felt that I am in Africa because the land look like the grassland in Africa. I did imagined that I could see the Kangaroo and the zebras but actually I’m in Cambodia it is just my imagination. When we arrived the waterfall we all starting eating the noodle that brought to eat there, and also I’m the partner with Lyhour to eat noodle too. After eating the noodle we all just relax near the waterfall and we all were listening to the sound of the waterfall. We all are ready to walk to the big waterfall near this waterfall. The trail is small and I was walking at the back of other students but not the back back one, so I could hear the sound of the big waterfall too and the trail is really bad because of the pieces of the water that come from the waterfall it all flying around that area and the pieces of the water made the trail wet and slippery. It is really hard for us to move around because there a lot of mars, the mars also could make us slippery too. I did the write the reflection and drew what I saw in that waterfall too. After we went back from the trail, we arrived a place that we can stay and rest at. When we are resting facilitator want us to do some activities such as medical simulation and building shelter. For medical simulation I choose a partner he is Mony, First I am the lead rescuer and Mony is pretending that he is the victim for me to help. I help him step by step the same as what I learned from Outdoor Leadership class and at the end I know what happened to him he was falling from the trees and his head was bleeding. Next we exchange I am the victim and Mony is the lead rescuer, I pretended that I was shocked by the lightning and I’m kind of pass out and he also follow what he learned with me to help me too, and all of us were save. The next activities is building shelter in my team are Sokheng, Naka, Mariya and Me, and our facilitators want us to build that shelter by using the sources around us. My team decided to use the bamboos because there are a lot of bamboos around us Sokheng and Mriya were trying to collect the bamboos me and Naka were trying to collect the leaves to cover at the top to block just in case of the rain, I didn’t expect that I could build the shelter by using the sources around me it is really wonderful and I really love it.

Technology/ Multimedia round 2


In this round I didn’t stay in this class a lot because I have the trip in the weeks that this class start so I didn’t learned a lot from this class.

I did learn about the the Pixar Story Structure, it is about the form of the story and it is the structure to make the good story the form is

  • Once upon a time there
  • Every day
  • One day
  • Because of that
  • Because of that
  • Until Finally

And this form is could create the good story.

I learned about the camera, I learned about how to set up the camera, and I learned about the Shutter Speed, IOS and Aperture. After learning about it I also practice all of the lessons that I learned. I also learned about how to take the good video with the good voice, and I learned about the the camera video and the connecting of the camera and the microphones. I did learned a lot of thing even though I went on trip and all of this things is really help me, before I didn’t even know how to set the video camera up but now I can set it up by myself.

Math Round 2

In this round we were focusing on geometry a lot such as cube, triangle, rectangle and parallelogram and more of geometry. I learned how to find the area of all the shapes in geometry and it is really helpful for me, before I don’t really know about it but now it is easy for me to do it and I also learned how to find the area of the 3D shapes too. I did the Code.org and khan academy a lot and I always finish the homework on the time.


Making Fire Without Lighter

Can you imagine you stay in the wood and when the night get dark you will need the light and some hot thing to warm you body and it is FIRE!

This is my first time that I tried to make the fire without using lighter, It is my new experience and this is the video that I tried to make the fire but the fire didn’t come out but I did made the smoke come out. Sorry there some noise of this video and this video shoot by Kieran ONeil

Enjoy this video!

STEM round 1

In this class we were focusing on Physical science. We learn a lot from CK12 that related to atom and electron, proton and neutron. We also learn about matter mass physical, chemical property, mass number and atomic number. And we learned about Ion, Isotope, Isotope of atom Quark and Gluons. Every Friday we always have the test that related to what we learn in that week. Also teacher let my team research about Ions and present what my team learn from Ions to the class.

 Picture by Raptor Science

Math round 1

In this round I have learned a lot from my math teacher, the quote of this class is Make the most of your learning

Our teacher decided to let us make a Poster of the quote to put in the class just to remind make the most of your learning, put your time, your effort and your focus in this class. In this round we were focusing on fraction a lot in A5 Math book.


Our teacher always divided us into groups and let us work on the math problem and then show the answer to each other. On Friday our teacher let us play Kahoot about math that related to what we have learn, this round we also have a test of math too. Our teacher give us homework every week.

English Literacy round 1

In this class I learned a lot about reading! For this round I learned many new words from this class, We learned about the exhibit and create video to attract our investment broker for us to run our museum, our investment broker is our teacher. We also learn to discuss with our group to show our ideas to the team. Teacher also let us write about our memoir and share our memoir with our friends. We read many articles in Newsela from this class. Every weeks our teacher always give us homework packet of the new words and fill all the answer and in Monday after the week that she give us the homework packet we will have a test about the words that we learned from the homework packet. I wrote a Cinquain poem and my teacher chose mine to put in the class with other students. We also read Poison from Roald Dahl and we also did a hyperdoc of Poison too, and followed all of the question that my teacher ask.


Technology/Multimedia round 1




In this round I learn many thing that related to adobe, I learned a lot about editing picture, we were focus on Indesign, Photoshop and Lightroom. First I learned about Indesign, I learn how to create the pages, add the picture, text and more tools that have in this program. Lightroom, I learned about editing the picture, changing the light, colors, cropping, contrast, shadow and more interesting tools. Photoshop, for Photoshop I learned about cutting out some parts of the picture, making the picture different and some more cool stuff in this program. After studying all of this apps my teacher gave me a homework that related to those programs, my teacher want me to make a poster that make from Lightroom, Photoshop and Indesign and explain her what we did to create that poster with Khmer and English. Now I feel better than before of knowing of these programs, It easy for me to do something that related to all of these programs.